About Preferred LLC

Preferred, LLC has over 200 years of combined management experience specialized in working in existing facilities. We have developed industrial painting and flooring systems and techniques which enable us to complete projects while working around our customers busy production schedules.

Our company’s philosophy is premised on being the best in the industrial service field. Chances are customers will recall how adamant we were about two things: top quality service and customer satisfaction.

In order for Preferred, LLC to provide our customers with the highest degree of confidence we employ a full-time Safety Director. Preferred, LLC feels that this position is very important not only for the safety and liability concerns for us and our employees but also for the safety security of our valued customers. We feel that in order to achieve our goals we need to always provide specialists in each of our divisions. Simply put, our painters paint, and our floorers floor. No matter what the project, you’ll get a specialist for the job.