Overhead Cleaning & Painting


Enhance Your Facility’s Apperance And Reduce Risks

The professionals of Preferred can make your warehouse and manufacturing buildings appearance bright, clean and safe with our interior plant cleaning, painting, and restoration services.


Painting And Cleaning Overhead Ceilings And Structures Benefits:

  • Product receives less contamination
  • Risk of dirt explosions decreased
  • Industry standards compliance
  • Environment is safer and brighter


Cleaning And Painting Overhead Structures

Dust will cause contamination of products and equipment to overhead pipes, lights, ductwork and ceiling plenums. It will also cause poor air quality and product contamination. The combustible dust will cause a potentially hazardous condition such as fires, deflagration, and possibly an explosion. Preferred will follow the revised and expanded directives from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) thus reducing hazardous conditions.

We review the surface preparation with manufacturers and establish a protocol for cleaning before we paint. In order to understand our customers needs we will work closely with each client and create a plan to minimize interruption of production.